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Jewelry-Quality Artistic Salmon Flies by Shawn Davis

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Introduction:  I blend the classic arts of goldsmithing and flytying to create truly unique jewelry art.  I handfashion hooks from precious metals, and then dress them with the finest materials in the world.  The resulting flies are either displayed in handblown glass domes or worn as fine jewelry.  Gallery of Flies
My work has been well received, having been featured in flyfishing magazines Lady Angler Life, American Angler, Danica, and The Drake, as well as the jewelry arts magazine Adornment.  I have also been a featured artist on the Anthropologist by Anthropologie.
All of my flies are available for purchase and are released in serially numbered Limited Editions.  Only twenty-five of each original pattern will be made before the Editions are closed.  I also make custom hooks for hook collectors and elite flytiers.
All photographs of my flies are available for purchase, professionally printed and matted, with various framing options as well.  The largest prints, 10" x 15", are serially numbered Limited Edition prints.  Details may be found in the Photography section.  The photography is the work of Brenda Davis.  If you are a tier or artist and would like Brenda to photograph your work, please contact her at for a list of prices and services.
I hope you enjoy viewing my flies as much as I enjoy creating them.

-Shawn Davis

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So How Do You Do That?

People often wonder how I create something new.  I've detailed the creative process for one of my most intricate patterns, Rumpelstiltskin, here.  For a more abridged version with more images and less text, begin with The Final Assembly and view the subsequent three pages.

Sign Up for Notification of Newly Released Patterns:

It takes me a long time to develop a new fly pattern, so I anticipate releasing new patterns for sale at most a few times per year.  If you would like me to send you an email notification when I release a new pattern, please contact me at  I can, of course, take you off my mailing list if you decide you want to stop receiving notifications, but, again, notifications would only come a few times per year.  You would certainly never receive anything from me of the junk-mail variety.

Become a Supporting Merchant:

If you own a business which serves clients who may wish to buy my artwork, please contact me at and I would be happy to trade website links or furnish you with business cards.  If you are interested in carrying my work, please contact me for wholesaling arrangements.

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